FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When will I receive my package? 

Each product from Kimalicious Cosmetics, Inc. is made by hand, fresh to order. Once your order has been placed, allow 3-5 business days for processing. After processing is complete, you will receive a tracking number. 
How can I reach customer service?
To be receive support about your order, please email your inquiries and concerns to HelloKimalicious@gmail.com
Do you offer wholesale?
Yes. Kimalicious Cosmetics Inc. currently only offers wholesale for lipglosses. Please inquire via email at HelloKimalicious@gmail.com
What makes your products vegan?
Kimalicious Cosmetics, Inc. products are not made with ingredients that come from animals or animal by-products. They are also paraben and cruelty free! 
How do you make your products?
My colors are created using my creativity paired with my expertise as a licensed cosmetologist. The formula will not be disclosed or shared. Also, we do not disclose or share vendor information.